Motorcycle Wheel Building

Essex Wheels are specialists in the fabrication of motorcycle wheel building including:

  • Motorcycle spoke wheels
  • Drum skimming
  • Wire wheel rebuilds
  • Tread repairs
  • Spoke kits available
  • Wheel rim sizes always in stock
  • Alloys, stainless and mild steel
  • Bearings fitted

We build and refurb all types of spoked wheels

We work on any spoked wheel, from new to classic. We spoke wheels for cars & motorbikes right through to wheels for aeroplanes.

On a classic refurbs we generally have the hub blast & painted, then supply and fit new bearings.

Rims and Hubs for Spoked Wheels

We either supply a new rim (Aluminium, chrome or stainless steel), or use the old rim once it has been reworked.

We then either supply galvanized or stainless steel spokes depending on your preference. Extra options are to have the centre of the rim painted, coach lining, powder coating, anodising or wet paint.